Old John's 

Xmas Almanac

No 4 ~ 1993

Yet one more Cornucopia of 

Aphorisms, Axioms, Saws, Maxims,

Proverbs, Quotations & Adages

for the

Busy OSRAM Manager



Don't watch my lips - watch my feet!

Everybody's saying it

....and yet her chief renown is for a readiness that keeps her in a state of such tropical humidity as would grow 

orchids in her drawers in January

Septimus, of Mrs Chater, in Tom Stoppard's Arcadia

I live in the real world


Driving a Seven is the most fun you can have with your clothes on



Harald, noun,as in 'he's done another Harald' -

an act of surprising treachery and disloyalty, usually against one's dearest colleagues, invariably with the 

willing assistance of a gross smith

Wadenhoe New English Dictionary


In Italia cosi.............

RC, occasionally

BS5750 is just another cuckoo on the letterhead


Work is the curse of the drinking classes

Oscar Wilde

Rule 1 - If in charge take charge

Rule 2 - Do the right thing

General Norman Scharwzkopf

I hate paper



You're here for just a short visit so don't forget to stop and smell the flowers on the way

Walter Hagan


ISD wish you and your staff a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Successful New Year



Don't castrate me and then ask me to run in the Olympics


Operating Instructions are for fools (sic)

MAR, but edited to protect public decency!








'ISD Management regrets last year's incorrect information on a new company car policy - above

                      We are very pleased to bring you the first news of a new policy - below.

Dream on John!



Published by ISD your favourite Charity