Old John's

Xmas e-Almanac

No 11 ~ 2000

Still yet one more electronic

Cornucopia of Aphorisms, Axioms, Saws, Maxims,

Proverbs, Quotations & Adages

for the

Busy OSRAM Manager





If you don't get a rich husband I cannot see the point of a husband

Ruby Wax

John you're always smug - it's just the extent that varies!

IMW to JPR, perceptively

That's the puddle where the poodle did the piddle

Spot in Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George                                (the editor's favourite song lyric)



What's the difference between Ean 10 and Ean 40?           

AE, (OUK's 'Mr Figures')


a huge chorus in answer


Please don't eat Robert's nuts

IMW at a ManStrat Meeting


.....seafood salad - a dish I avoid like a plague of fishes in Italian restaurants. It always

looks like someone has Black & Deckered an Ann Summers rep's samples.

A A Gill, Restaurant critic of The Sunday Times


The right place for Lorraine is upstairs!

AT of Mrs Thompson


He's the head - you're the neck

RC to RA, (explanations on a postcard please to the Editor) 


There is nothing to compare

With the emotions you feel

When you're talking to your meal!

The Wolf, of Red Riding Hood, in Sondheim's Into the Woods


I was busy interviewing for Robert's job

GK, a little surprisingly


I think it must be something I ate (sic)

G Skeldon, very quietly, after a night of 'celebration' in Munich


There is this Austrian walking along the street and he sees a banana skin in front of him. 

After some thought he says "Why me? Why is it always me?

RC offering some insight into the Austrian psyche


There is nothing sinister in this delay - we really do want to do the deal - trust us!

Marconi to JPR, on many occasions, about the Wembley land deal


ISD wish you and your staff

a Happy Christmas and a

Peaceful and Successful New Year








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This year's picture of Flora (by popular request!)


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