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with Maureen & Archie, a citizen of Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire and of Montedinove (AP), Le Marche, Italy


No, it's not actually me though a trivial likeness has been commented upon by a few - 

it's Morgante ( a dwarf at Cosimo Medici's court) - I'm at the bottom of the page!

Some Images

Fly over Pignotto - courtesy of Oasi Biologica 



Images from Pignotto - 2018    


Images from My Italy 2005 - 2017

archieArchie - our beautiful Skye Terrier     
floraFlora (1998 - 2010)

n7Images from my Se7en days

projectSome completed wood projects

favsSome other favourite images
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A few favourite articles, quotations and amusements 

A wonderful , mellifluous passage by Bertrand Russell setting humanity, imho, firmly in its rightful place plus some other quotations I treasure
Some more quotations I like to keep
A marvellous piece by Loren Eiseley about man's solitude in the universe
A Declaration by John Stuart Mill
Confessions of a Heretic - viz Ray Billington
A summary of Rethinking Life and Death by Peter Singer (a most important book imho - read it)
Article - The Sanctity of Life by Peter Singer (read him - what he says is important imho)
Dear Dr Laura
A love poem, author unknown to me I'm afraid
Great lines from Red Dwarf
On a Memorable Performance of Spontini's La Vestale, by Bernard Levin
Listen to Gladys laying into a car dealer
The repository for Old John's, world  famous, Christmas Almanac - for aficionados only

One's age should be tranquil, as childhood should be playful. 
Hard work at either extremity of life seems out of place. 
At midday the sun may burn, and men labour under it; 
but the morning and evening should be alike, calm and cheerful.
                                                                    Thomas Arnold

updated Dec 2018

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